Côte d'Azur Style Inspiration

Côte d'Azur Style Inspiration

Style inspiration from iconic stars who defined French Riviera chic

Be inspired by the stars that defined effortless chic

The French Riviera is famous for the glitz and glamour of the Cannes film festival and the jet-setting lifestyle of the rich and famous yet true Côte d’Azur style is anything but over-the-top. 
Take a look at the classic beauties who helped define that unmistakable style in the first place—from Grace Kelly’s understated elegance to Jane Brikin’s eclectic cool and Brigitte Bardot’s playful sensuality—these fashion icons always exuded an effortless personal style. Their allure radiated from an inner confidence and ease, never from trying too hard or blindly following trends. 
The secret to creating that unassuming radiance is not to bring on the bling or show off the latest trendy label, but rather, to have fun and not be afraid to be yourself! 
Here are our top style tips from our favourite style icons: Grace, Jane, and Brigitte:
1. Less is more 
No need to pile on endless matching items plus accessories plus jewellery. Sometimes all you need is a flirty dress and cute flats to make a statement. 
2. Confidence is key
A mega watt smile and the right attitude is worth more than any designer piece. 
3. Don’t be afraid of colour 
A holiday destination is the perfect occasion to experiment with combining different prints and colours you may not get away with at the office. 
4. It’s ok, even encouraged, to not have perfect hair and make-up
slightly tousled hair, barely there make-up is much fresher and sexier than a caked-on face and static hair. 
5. Have fun! 
Our last tip is to enjoy playing around with your personal style. You will exude an inimitable inner glow when you dress from a place of joy! 

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