How to design your perfect morning ritual for an amazing day ahead!

  1. Write down your actual activities from the time you wake-up to when you start work or other responsibilities. Put the amount of time it takes for each action.
  1. Brainstorm ideas to come up with your ideal morning routine: ideally one that combines activities that you enjoy doing & also contributes to your overall wellbeing and goals. For each action on your ideal routine, assign the amount of time
  1. Combine your actual morning activities to your ideal routine: you will notice that now the time it takes to do everything on that list is longer than your current allotted time.
  1. You will now cross out or shorten some activities: especially the ones that do not serve your wellbeing nor goals.
  1. Another option is to create more time in your morning routine by waking up earlier and / or doing things faster. Brainstorm ideas on how to accomplish this!
  1. Write down your new routine by combining steps 4 + 5 as needed, and spend a few uninterrupted minutes visualizing yourself actually doing all the activities in your new ritual and really enjoying each moment.
  1. Plan the night before! Write down exactly what you will do from the moment you wake up the next day and commit to this before you go the bed. Also, you can make it easier to follow through by preparing things ahead of time: for example, if you want to have a smoothie for breakfast you can put all the ingredients in a container in advance, or if you want to do yoga you can lay out the mat & yoga clothes from the night before. 
  1. Do not attempt to fit in too many activities and keep it as enjoyable as possible!

 Here are a few ideas of nourishing activities for the body and soul to include:

  • Warm water with lemon 
  • A simple 5-10 minute yoga or workout routine
  • Short meditation
  • Journaling
  • 1 minute facial massage using a serum or oil you love
  • Grinding your own coffee beans and enjoying the aromas
  • Making a yummy breakfast
  • Planning your day ahead in detail
  • Putting on a great playlist while you get ready
  • Having fun choosing an outfit that makes you feel invincible! 

 We hope that these tips will help guide you in designing a morning ritual that aligns with your values and goals and set the tone for an amazing day ahead!