How to create stylish French Riviera inspired interiors

How to create stylish French Riviera inspired interiors

Deep blue waters of the salty mediterranean sea, endless views of mountains and skies, the enchanting sound of cicadas, and a slow mode of life perfumed with sun, sea, and rosé... Welcome to the south of France and the spirit of the French Riviera! 

But what exactly is the style of the mythical "Côte d'azur"? and how can you replicate it at home wherever you are in the world? To celebrate summer, let's go on a journey to discover the style of the French southern coast.

Eclectic inspirations

Because of its location, history, and diverse cultural influences- from Mediterranean Europe to the Maghreb, and also its connection to international art and literary figures such as Picasso and F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Côte d'Azur style combines a multitude of style inspirations. A combination of bohemian chic, airy and white washed Cycladic ambiance, warm mediterranean tones, and Art Deco style informs the distinctive air of French Rivera interiors. 

Above all Côte d'Azur style is an attitude, a certain lifestyle that exudes effortless charm and creativity-it is about being completely down to earth and casual yet absolutely sophisticated at the same time! 

How to recreate the look of the French Rivera at home

  1. Start with white: white washed Greek inspired walls are key to bring in light into your interiors and is the starting point to recreate that Rivera luminosity in your interiors.
  2. Add blue: bring in that seaside vibe with generous touches of blue throughout your space.
  3. Add warmth: layer warm tones of the mediterranean such as terracotta to add depth and a sense of comfort and history. 
  4. Focus on natural materials and textures: rattan, wicker, and other woven natural fibers are key to creating that famous French Rivera look. Choose natural fabrics especially linen and rough cotton for your drapes and upholstering to replicate the easy airiness. Bohemian textures such as macramé can be used sparingly as well. 
  5. Add shots of colour and luxe charm: a few key decorative items or artworks in vibrant hues and perhaps a few vintage or luxury items such as a bronze light fixture or art deco inspired mirror will pull together the interior nicely and add personality to your space.
  6. Plants: although you not be able to cultivate an olive tree or potted lavender, adding a few potted plants and dried flowers or branches in a terracotta or glazed vase can really transform an atmosphere into a tranquil sanctuary. 

So there you have it! Our tips for recreating an air of French Riviera chic at home no matter where you are in the world. 

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