SIN-DRESS "original sin" painted shibori Thai silk


Hand-painted and shibori dyed artisanal Thai silk tunic dress
Inspired by the natural beauty of the volcanic landscapes, embrace your inner goddess is this stunning one-of-a-kind piece of wearable magic, handcrafted with love


One-of-a-kind tunic dress in painted and hand-dyed shibori washed Thai silk, featuring 24-karat gold plated hoops at the neckline.

The Original Sin design features a narrower piece of silk (approximately 130 cm) with a flattering boat neck with 24K gold plated oval rings at the shoulders.

Comes with a silk sash (all sashes are made from upcycled and antique handcrafted Thai silks.) Ships in a handcrafted bamboo clutch and fabric tote.

Edition-of-one. Comfortable fits sizes 36-42

Key features

The SIN-DRESS is a silk sarong or “sin” in Thai (piece of silk sewn into a tube, traditionally wrapped into a skirt and worn by women and men of southeast Asia), uncut, with just a few key stitchings and touches of subtle gold elements, that transform it into a striking, one-of-a-kind tunic dress.

The Sin-Dress reinvents how the sarong is worn for the contemporary wardrobe. The soft washed silk floats on the body, lightly caressing each morphology’s unique shape, just as the traditional sarong did.

The Sin-Dress celebrates each wearer’s individual form. Each dress fits most sizes and body types (and custom sizes are available upon request-please contact me!)

Each Sin-Dress may be worn in multiple ways: centered, off-shouldered on either side, with or without a belt, bare or over a t-shirt or pullover, with jeans or trousers, in summer over a bikini or in winter over bodywarmers, and every piece is reversible. The wearer has the power to style The Sin-Dress as she pleases.

The Sin-Dress is meant to be kept forever and passed down through the generations, just as the traditional sarong once was. (Its seams may be unravelled to reveal the original piece of silk!)

Size & fit

Edition of one
Comfortably fits sizes 36-42
May be worn loose or with the belt

Composition & care

100% silk, 24k plated brass

Care instructions:
Hand-wash separately with soap or gentle washing liquid, hang to dry, iron on low
*avoid touching hot iron to the gold accessories
*Do not tumble dry
Keep in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Sucette loves...

Edition of one

A one-of-a-kind piece as unique as you

Beautiful artistic textile

Handcrafted Thai silk you won't find anywhere else...

Handmade with love

Every SIN-DRESS is handcrafted by local artisans passionate about their craft.

Complete your look with...

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Thank you for making such stunning dresses!

Not only are they one of a kind pieces, but I can feel the love that goes into each dress. I can't wait to keep adding to my collection!


Even more stunning in person

Love my SIN-Dress! You're a true talent, thank you.

-SIN-Dress client

Elegant. Effortless. Art.

I would love to share my experience. I bought three dresses despite thinking nothing would fit. Haha... aaand I get so many compliments on all. Elegant. Effotless. Art.


How to style

Discover over 7 different ways to wear the "Original SIN-Dress" !

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