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Sucette story

Founder and Designer Pring Bunnag shares her journey of creating Sucette after the birth of her son during a global pandemic...
For the past 15 years, I have never stayed more than three months in one country, and here I am, still in Bangkok a whole year after I arrived. This past year seems both an eternity and a flash—I came here from Paris last winter to escape from the biting cold, seven months pregnant with my husband and doggy, without yet concrete plans of how long I would stay, or where exactly I would give birth. I remember watching the pandemic unfold in France and realising that my stay here in Thailand would probably be quite a lot longer than I first expected.
After giving birth during the height of lockdown, I had hopes of returning to Europe to enjoy the end of summer—one of my favourite seasons! Then things quickly deteriorated once again and I decided to stay put for the wellbeing of my family. 
During this haze of caring for a new baby and adjusting to life in our new reality, I dreamt of escaping to my favourite places in Mediterranean Europe and the French countryside—floating in the deep turquoise of the salty Mediterranean sea, long walks on the rocky coastline of Southern Europe, sipping Rosé on ice while soaking in the Sunset in Provence… I fantasised endlessly of such pleasures of the recent past. Sucette was born out of this deep desire to return to my favourite destinations in Europe that have always infused me with life energy and inspiration.
While juggling work and baby duties during lockdown, I suddenly had a vision (or perhaps hallucination from lack of sleep and human contact!) of creating shoes that could impart that same sense of exuberance from such glorious travels. 
I wanted Sucette to not only be an antidote to the restrictions and gloom of the global situation in 2020, but to add a touch of inspiration to women's everyday life—to bring joy, fun, and pleasure to women while also being effortlessly stylish and wearable!