Q&A with Eda, a Sucette client, and designer of luxury bag brand Edalou Paris

Pring: Hi Eda! Can you please share a little about your journey of coming to Paris and starting Edalou?

Eda: I’m originally from Puerto Rico and was living in New York and working in finance. I didn’t find love in New York but Paris, so I moved here and decided to switch careers and follow my passion. I started Edalou (which is the combination of my first and second name Eda Lourdes) with the help of my mother and grandmother, first with a line of accessories, then bags. I also won a design award in Italy which was quite motivating.

It was slow in the beginning, having to juggle taking care of 2 small children, and now growing faster which is very exciting!

 Pring: What is your design philosophy?

 Eda: My mantra is “Rock Dance Love” and love having fun with my designs. I also always put my heart into every design and try to tell a story with every collection. My designs are also very multi-functional, because as women we need practicality as well as style.


Pring: Can you describe your personal style?

Eda: I love black and purple which is why I gravitated to the Sucette “Grace aubergine” which I love and can wear with most things in my wardrobe. They also go really well with gold which also love.

I’m definitely quite rock and roll but with a touch of Caribbean Latin glam.


P: Who are your style icons?

E: On my Instagram, one of the first photos is of Madonna from the 80’s—I love her style evolution from the 80’s to let’s say 1999! (laughs) I also love Cher! I love the whole rock diva look, but most of all I love how they continue to reinvent themselves and are able to keep transforming their own style.


P: I definitely agree that our style reflects who we are and as women we are constantly evolving and our style should evolve to reflect who we are becoming as well!


E : Yes, I have definitely evolved since I started Edalou Paris. I have more confidence now and feel more comfortable in my own skin and now love discovering new designers, new brands, new stories and adding to my personal style.

I used to go to fashion outlets and bought so many useless designer items and afterwards I would ask myself, why did you buy this?

One big transformation was after a personal devastation. After my divorce, a good friend came over and she said “we need to change your look.” She went through my closet and threw out everything! I think she left only a pair of jeans. I said “what are you doing?” and she told me that I needed good basics and really great pieces that would last forever. Invest in a smaller but better closet, and that was when I first became more conscious of the fashion I was consuming.

P: Yes, buy less but buy better! And what do you think about your Sucette shoes?

E: Your shoe (the “Grace aubergine”) is the first pair I have in this midi heel and I said, this is where I need to go now! It’s a good compromise, because I still like to feel like I’m tall and having the feeling of not being in flats, but the shorter heel is definitely very practical! And it’s very fashionable. Before a low heel was seen as a “grandma heel” but now I think they have become very fashionable!

Apart from the beauty of your fabrics and the really nice design of your heel I feel that having 3 heel height options is something that we all need; the nice pretty flats, the low heel for when you don’t want to suffer when you have to run from place to place, and then you have your high heels for when you want to feel tall and special!

 P: Any style tips?

E : Go with what you feel comfortable in but sometimes do step out of that comfort zone and try new things! Don’t be afraid to experiment, especially with accessories.

Also, try to discover new brands because it is very satisfying when you buy from independent designers because you can feel that you have a special piece that was made from special love and care and you’re also helping the global situation with the environment and ethical production.


Thank you Eda for sharing your story and thoughtful insights! You can discover more about her at www.edalouparis.com and on Instagram at @edalourdes and @edalouparis



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