Experience the transformation

“The SIN-DRESS is about transformation; twisting heritage textiles into effortlessly seductive silhouettes, and adding a touch of magic... The wearer of The Sin-Dress can feel confident and empowered, and proud that she is wearing a one-of-a-kind piece of textile art.”

-Pring, designer & founder of Sucette

History of the "SIN"

For centuries, Siamese women would weave their own silk Sins (Thai for "sarong", a piece of textile sewn into a tube, traditionally wrapped into a skirt and worn by women and men of southeast Asia) which they wore with pride and handed over as precious family heirlooms to the next generation...

The treasured piece of silk caressed the wearer's form, coming to exquisite life on the body...

I was inspired by the effortless way Siamese women wore the sin and wanted to recreate that emotion of owning a rare heritage textile, the feel of silk on the body, for the contemporary wardrobe...

Effortless elegance

The SIN-DRESS is about honouring the beauty and integrity of the original piece of silk, which is left in its entirety, without any unnecessary cuts or superfluous seams. Deceptively simple, it comes to life once worn on the body. 

An edition of one

Each Sin-Dress is unique, because every piece of handmade silk is unique. The owner of The Sin-Dress can be sure that she has a rare piece of wearable textile art, an edition of one. 

The Sin-Dress celebrates each wearer’s individual form. Each dress fits most sizes and body types.

Contemporary heritage

 The Sin-Dress is meant to be kept forever and passed down through the generations, just as the traditional sarong once was. Its seams may be unravelled to reveal the original piece of silk, which can be re-transformed into a sarong! 

By working directly with silk-making communities, Sucette aims to support each artisan to make a thriving livelihood and valorise Thailand’s silk heritage, while also pushing the boundaries of textile creation by showcasing innovative techniques and patterns along with preserving traditional motifs.

Sophisticated details

The Sin-Dress features subtle touches of 24K gold-plated brass hardware.

This element of metal is inspired by the traditional sarong pin and belt, and adds a luminous hint of gold to each garment. 

Exquisitely effortless

Each Sin-Dress may be worn in multiple ways: centered, off-shouldered on either side, with or without a belt, bare or over a t-shirt or pullover, with jeans or trousers, in summer over a bikini or in winter over bodywarmers, and every piece is reversible.

The wearer of The SIN-DRESS has the power to style her edition of one as she pleases.