Hello this is Pring from Sucette handcrafted shoes and today I want to share with you a few holiday gift ideas from independent and ethical women-owned brands and businesses.

I believe that being a true feminist means always supporting and cheering on other women, especially those who are creating amazing value and making a difference with their businesses.

My criteria for selection? Each gift has to be original, tell a unique story, and made ethically with love! 

1. Handcrafted designer jewelry by Nadja Carlotti 

Her elegant nature inspired designs are refined, subtle yet extraordinary. Her contemporary yet timeless creations are handmade in France and comes in gorgeous packaging! Also love her "wall jewelry" collection--perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to your holiday decor! 

2. Fabulous and functional bags by Edalou 

Eda Lourdes's bags are made in Paris and designed for the busy woman who also wants to look fabulous! Especially love her metallic leather totes and the "Coucou bag" with its heart shaped closure!

3. Handmade textile clutches by Kasia Dietz

Her lovely limited edition clutches by writer, travel journalist, and blogger of all thing Parisian and travel-related, make the perfect gift for the keen traveler in your life.

4. A consultation with Hayley Enright of Acupuncture in Lisbon

Hayley's magical healing touch has given over 13,000 in 3 countries! (She was my personal acupuncturist in Paris.) Her virtual consultations and long-distance reiki, are the perfect gift for that special someone who will appreciate a session of self-care! 

5. Colorful bling by Lucy G jewelry

Lucy G's fabulous candy colored precious and semi-precious gemstone rings and jewelry, handmade in Thailand, are the perfect gift for those not afraid to standout!

6. Collectible and customisable "It bags" by Neko Neko Paris

Featuring a functional yet elegant shape with trendy colorful flaps and straps so you can customize your bags to your mood!  

7. Glamour girl swimwear by La Libellule Paris

Stay chic in and out of the water in sophisticated flirty swimsuits. 

8. Sucette also has a selection of gift cards for every budget--the prefect gift of bold craftsmanship to offer the inspiring stylish women in your life! 

Of course, don't forget to treat yourself to something special that you won't find on everyone else (for example a pair of unique handmade boots in a gorgeous silk ;)

This holiday choose to give a truly special and original gift that is ethically made and support women-owned brands and businesses!

Sending love & joy,


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