How to update your personal style for 2022 and beyond 

1. Identify your next big life goal. 

Write down a big goal you want to achieve by the end of this year. The goal should be big enough that you will have to stretch yourself and get out of your comfort zone.

2. Think about who you will need to become in order to reach this goal.

Another way to think about it is to imagine that you have already reached your big goal: how is she different than who you currently are, these differences can be subtle so pay attention to your intuition…

3. Visualise your future self that has accomplished this amazing goal. 

Find a quiet place and close your eyes… Imagine in great detail yourself as already having reached your dream goal: where are you? What are you doing? What are you thinking and feeling? Then imagine what you are wearing… Vividly see in your mind’s eye the textures, colours, and shapes of what you have on, and how your outfit makes you feel and how it reflects who you are. Write down all the details and any insights in your journal. 

4. Create a moodboard inspired by your vision of your future self. 

You can create your own “designer’s mood board” on Pinterest inspired by this feeling you have from the visualisation: what is the mood and tone of your dream wardrobe? Feel free to add as many images as you like without analyzing too much. You can always edit your board later. Allow your intuition to speak freely; You can also include other elements besides fashion such as works of art, home decor, colour palettes, and inspiring quotes… 

5. Refer back to your vision & mood board next time you shop! 

You can come back to your writings & vision board as often as you wish, and you can edit it as much as you like. Your vision will evolve as you evolve, so have fun adding new things and deleting things that no longer resonate. 

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