Sucette mission & values

Savoir-faire with a purpose

I created Sucette because I believe that it is possible to build a brand with real values and contribution, that nurtures real and sustainable relationships and supports local communities.

Sucette's core values include:


To nurture longterm and meaningful relationships with my clients and artisans. I created Sucette as a gift for my family and myself, because I believe that it is possible to build a brand with real values. I love to get to know all the artisans I work with and every client I have the pleasure to meet!


I founded Sucette to honour and celebrate local artisans and the value of handmade fashion. I believe every craftsperson should be paid a respectable wage for their invaluable contribution to upholding traditional processes and cultural practices. 

I also believe that the true meaning of fashion goes deeper than surface appearance or trends--how an object is made can be felt and does make a difference in the wearer's psyche. I want to go back to the roots of true fashion, of true style, and offer my clients the unforgettable experience of owning an extraordinary piece of craftsmanship, made with love and real passion!

Sustainability over profit

All items (except in archives/outlet) are made to order for a more sustainable production cycle.

I always prioritise locally crafted and sustainable materials whenever possible. I choose Thai silks and carved wooden heels to support local craft communities and reduce the use of plastic and other industrial components. I also use only surplus-stock leather from local tanneries for shoe linings. 

I aim to create timeless pieces to be loved forever instead of following the typical "fashion calendar" of constant "trends." 

Inspired aesthetic 

Every Sucette design must have that something special that you won't find anywhere else! I strive to always be challenging myself and gathering inspiration from art, nature, and different cultures in order to create the most original and seductive designs for you!

Generosity, Openness & Love 

Sucette is about offering our clients not just beautiful clothes and shoes, but an amazing experience; my goal is let every client know how much they are appreciated and valued. The same goes for all our artisans! My goal is for Sucette to be a brand that always acts, communicates, and be from a place of generosity, openness and love 

Fashion with a purpose

I created Sucette because I wanted to build a brand that I can be proud of, a brand with real values and purpose...

-Pring, Sucette designer & founder