The Sucette Story...

After years in Paris where I had a boutique for my former brand, I found myself back in Thailand almost by accident. After giving birth here during the pandemic, I found myself in deep reflection of my true values and desires.

I also rediscovered the beauty and wealth of local crafts and savoir-faire, especially Thailand's silk and textile traditions, and wanted to showcase it to the world. I decided to start Sucette because I wanted to build a brand that I can be proud of, as a gift to my son and family.

I knew that “made in Thailand” can be synonymous with sustainably crafted luxury and that I had a mission to transmit my heritage and our local savoir-faire to the world. 

The name? (lollipop in French) Simply because I was listening to Serge Gainsbourg and France Gall’s “Les sucettes” and found it fun and effervescent, with just the right coquettish touch… 

Exquisite wearable Art with a Story and a Soul…

How we dress is a reflection of how we see the world and ourselves. I founded Sucette because I believe that fashion has an intimate relationship to our identity and soul and that how our clothes are made can be felt energetically and has an effect on our psyche. 

I believe that owning and wearing a piece that has been handcrafted with love and care not only has a positive impact on society and the planet, but also can lift our spirits in a profound way! 

My mission is to create effortlessly elegant, forever pieces with that special something, that “wow factor” that lets your inner light shine! 

True luxury should feel good and do good

I strongly believe that true luxury should feel good and also have a positive impact on the world: for me luxury is about owning a rare piece that only you have, a piece that is consciously crafted with love, and that contributes to a better society and planet. 

I want to bring back the inimitable feeling of owning made-to-order and one-of-a-kind pieces that you won’t find anywhere else, without compromising my values of sustainability and ethical hand craftsmanship. Because truly luxurious fashion should always feel good and do good too! 

Sustainably and ethically handcrafted always!

Every single Sucette piece is created using only artisanal silks and handcrafted materials, natural and non-toxic dyes, and using the least amount of water and natural resources as possible. 

Our process is extremely small scale and every element is produced at home or in familial ateliers with positive environments… I value each and every artisan I have the chance to collaborate with and ensure that they are properly compensated for their most valuable work. 

Heritage with an Artistic twist

I hope that Sucette will contribute to the continued relevance of traditional craftsmanship, bring awareness to the process behind each piece of silk couture, and contribute to contemporary culture by pushing the boundaries of textile creation and through artistic projects and collaborations. 

Exclusive silk prints & botanical dyes

My journey with Thai silk started with designing innovative ikat patterns for Sucette’s first made-to-order shoe collection… Then I discovered the irresistible allure of eco-printing and natural dyes… I love creating artistic designs on silk using local plants and marvel at nature’s bounty.

I believe the energy from the earth can be transmitted through each leaf and plant imprint which can be felt in the wearer…

Effortless elegance that let's YOU SHiNE!

Sucette is about celebrating individual beauty and personality–my goal is to create versatile wearable art pieces that can be worn according to each client’s mood and unique style. 

Exquisite silk that You bring to life!

My criteria for a successful design? It must pass the 3 step test: can it be worn for day, evening and easy enough to slip on after yoga? 

You should be able to wear any Sucette Silk Couture piece to a black-tie event as well as slip it on over your favorite workout or yoga leggings because life is too short to not wear silk couture whenever you feel like it ;) 

We are all works of Art so why settle for anything less?

I am honored and humbled to create unique fashions for every single client.

I hope my work brings a light to your day, a touch of joy to your spirits, and an inspiration to everyone who beholds you…. You are all contemporary Goddesses and it is my great privilege to dress you! 

A bit about me…

I was born in Bangkok, Thailand, studied art history and dance in California, and live between Bangkok and Paris. I am married to a talented artist and writer, and mama to a son and a bichon frisé.

I was a journalist, dancer, worked in advertising, and created art events and exhibitions... I had a previous shoe brand and boutique in the Marais in Paris for over 10 years and won awards for my designs. I also curate exhibitions and love collaborating with artists and creative minds. 

I am obsessed with all things artistic, antique and vintage. When I am not working on Sucette, I love to cook for family and friends and be in nature. 

Lovely to meet you!

Pring, Sucette designer & founder