Sucette Silk Couture

Contemporary Silk Couture

Sucette Silk Couture is about celebrating the beauty and heritage of handcrafted Thai silk and bringing you the very best textile creations with a “wow factor” while also being effortlessly wearable. 

Each piece of Thai silk in the collection has to be truly special; I source for you rare vintage printed silks; gorgeous washed, spun and hand dyed pieces; hand-painted silks and silks printed by using incredible batik-like technique using flowers and leaves (that recalls early photographic printing). I also work directly with silk-makers in the northeast of Thailand (our silk basin) to create original “mudmee” ikat silk designs. 

We are all works of art so why settle for anything less?

Every piece of silk I use must be locally handcrafted and sourced in the most ethical and sustainable manner. By working directly with Thai artisans I hope to contribute to the continued relevance of traditional crafts.  

 I hope to share the feeling of stumbling upon a rare piece of craftsmanship made especially for you!

Let's all curate a wardrobe of beautiful consciously crafted pieces that uplifts the soul and lasts forever.

Thai Silk

Each textile used in the collection has its own unique special “personality”; the printed vintage silks have a crisper quality while the washed and spun silks have a luxurious buttery softness that is a delight against the skin.

Our Couturiers

I work in a collaborative manner with our family of couturiers, a band of three sisters led by the eldest Boonmee. Originally from the northeast of Thailand, the silk region, the sisters have spent over 30 years creating silk garments, which they also wear on a daily basis. 

Building long-term relationships with each artisan is a key value of Sucette and I am super happy and proud to be a part of this team of talented and strong women. 

Sucette values

I hope that Sucette will contribute to the continued relevance of traditional craftsmanship, bring awareness to the process behind each piece of fashion, and help support our communities of local artisans.

I work directly with individual artisans and independent workshops, never passing through middlemen, to ensure that each maker is properly compensated for their talent and hard work.