The story behind each pair

My mission for Sucette is to add value to our community: creating meaningful and well-paid work for talented Thai artisans and also creating a rare and special product for my inspiring clients that you can feel good wearing.

Each pair of Sucette shoes is entirely handcrafted in small quantities in Thailand by our amazing artisans. Every component is especially made and sourced locally—from our own ikat silk weaves to the hand carved wooden heels 

 I hope to share the feeling of stumbling upon a rare piece of craftsmanship made especially for you!

Let's all curate a wardrobe of beautiful consciously crafted pieces that uplifts the soul and lasts forever.

We are all works of art so why settle for anything less?

Sucette process

Why Sucette? Because each pair is consciously crafted by skilled artisans passionate about their craft, because good fashion should uplift your spirits as well as elevate yourstyle, and because it’s important to help traditional know-how and crafts continue to thrive by supporting the communities behind them!

Sucette values

I hope that Sucette will contribute to the continued relevance of traditional craftsmanship, bring awareness to the process behind each piece of fashion, and help support our communities of local artisans.

I work directly with individual artisans and independent workshops, never passing through middlemen, so I can keep Sucette prices affordable while paying higher wages.

Mudmee ikat silk

Mudmee is a traditional Thai silk ikat know for its beauty and complexity. Each piece is the result of a long process of growing mulberry, caring for the silkworms, boiling the thread, spinning the yarn, hand dying, tying into patterns and finally weaving into the stunning pieces of textiles!

Each piece of our exclusive "mudmee" ikat is made by Aunty Jan and Aunty Tuang in the northeast of Thailand.

Artful heels

Sucette heels are handmade in sustainable local wood in a small family-run workshop in Bangkok.

Inspired by sculpture, contemporary art, and natural forms, each heel is an objet d'art that you can wear.

My mission for each heel is to offer an aesthetic alternative to plastic heels that also celebrates traditional craft.